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Catalogue of Ophthalmic Images
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  Ciliary Body

2 Eyes - Anatomy / 2 Uvea / Ciliary Body

  Anatomy Atlases

Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy - A Functional Approach / Section 16. Special Senses


► Plate 16.303. Ciliary Muscle and Processes - Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body

The Tunics of the Eye

  FIG. 876– Vessels of the choroid, ciliary processes, adn iris of a child.

Eye Anatomy

  Ciliary Body
  FotoWeb - Ophthalmic Images

Eye Anatomy - Ciliary body

  Uvea, ciliary body, production and drainage of aqueous body; trabecular mesh; Schlemm canal, sphincter and radial muscles of the iris. 

► Sagital cut of the lower ciliary region showing: the crystalline, zonule fibres, ciliary crown, flat ciliary part, ora serrata, posterior face of the iris, retina... 

Ciliary muscle with its compounds, dissected and exposed: longitudinal, oblique and circulra muscular layers of the cyliary muscle; scleral venous sinus and its collecting veins; pectineal ligament; scleral spur, iris and ciliary crown. 

Sagittal cut of the eyeball. Lens 

Front cut of the eyeball. Posterior view of the lens 

Front cut of the eyeball. Posterior view of the lens.(II)

  St Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute - Anatomy Focus
  Ciliary body
  Suny Downstate Medical Center

Summary Terms - Eye

  ► Ciliary Body
  U. of Delaware, Department of Biological Sciences, Mammalian Histology (B408)

Color Histology Images

  Ciliary Body, Iris, & Lens  

Ciliary Process Zonule Fibers  

Ciliary Body, Iris, & Lens  

Iris & Lens


Eye Ultrastructure

  Lens, Zonule Fubers, Ciliary Muscle  

Zonule Fibers SEM

  U. of Iowa Health Care - Virtual Hospital - Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy
  Ciliary Muscle and Processes
  U. of Kansas Medical Center - Eye & Ear Anatomy and Histology
  6. Ciliary Body 

7. Ciliary Body

  U. of North Carolina /Chapel Hill/, School of Medicine, Embryo Images Online - Eye Development
  IV. Iris, Ciliary Body (Weeks 9-15)
  U. of Texas Medical Branch, Cell Biology Graduate Program, Microanatomy Web Atlas
  Cornea, Iris and Lens
  Vision CyberMedia Group, Development of the Eye Site

Ciliary Body & Iris

  ► Figure 5. Successive sagittal sections of developing eye at: A, 5 weeks B, 6 weeks C, 20 weeks D, Newborn   

► Figure 3. Sagittal section through the developing eye at about seven weeks. 

► Figure 10. A, B, Development of the rim of the optic cup into the iris and ciliary body. 

► Figure 11. Sagittal section through the developing eye at 15 weeks.

  Xalatan Image Library

Anatomy & Physiology - page 2

  The Ciliary Muscle

Anatomy & Physiology - page 8

  The Ciliary Body  

The Ciliary Body  

The Ciliary Body  

The Ciliary Muscle  

The Ciliary Muscle  

The Ciliary Muscle


Pathology - page 7

  The Iris and Ciliary Body - Anatomy  

The Iris and Ciliary Body - Anatomy  

Iritis - Anatomy

  Other Links:  
► World of Ophthalmology - Eye Anatomy - Ciliary Body

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