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2 Ophthalmological Diagnostic Techniques / 2 Vision Tests /  Perimetry

2 Ophthalmological Diagnostic Techniques / 2 Glaucoma Tests /  Perimetry

MeSH description: Determination of the extent of the visual field for various types and intensities of stimuli.
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Other Links
Catalogue of Opthalmic Images: Glaucoma, Diagnosis 

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GlaucomaNet, Catholic U. of Daegu, Glaucoma Clinic /Korea/: Perimetry

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Indiana U. School of Optometry, Dr. H. D. Riley's Diagnostic Procedures: Automated Perimetry / Tangent Screen (Tangent Screen Visual Field Testing)  

Indiana U. School of Optometry, Visual Science Group: Acuity Perimetry and the Sampling Theory of Visual Resolution - Glenn Fry Award Lecture  

International Perimetric Society (IPS): International Perimetric Society (IPS) Home Page  

Interzeag AG - Octopus: Automated Perimetry – Visual Field Digest

Lea Hyvärinen's Web Site - Lea-Test's: Pediatric Vision Tests 

► Merck Manual of Medical Information - Second Home Edition: Diagnosis

Metrovision /France/: Vision Monitor - Visual Fields  

North Shore Eye Centre: Having a Visual Field Test 

Nova Southeastern U. /Florida, US/ - Dr. Joseph Sowka's Web Site: Automated Visual Field Analysis  

Ophthalmic Hyperguide: Neuro-ophthalmology  

PeriData Software GmbH: PeriData Software GmbH - Home Page  

St Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute: Glaucoma Tests - Visual Fields Test

Teachers' Union - Health: What is computerised perimetry?  

U. of Iowa, Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Ophthalmic Photographers Society: Perimetry

U. of Ottawa Eye Institute: Visual Field Examination: Perimetry 

U. of Waterloo, School of Optometry, Lifelearn Eyecare /UK/: Automated Perimetry: An Interactive Primer  

Virtual Medical Worlds Monthly: Virtual Retinal Display-Based Entoptic Perimetry New Promising Diagnostic Tool for Retinal Diseases

VisionRx: Perimetry 

Warren Cross & Associates: Diagnosing open-angle glaucoma

► WebMDHealth: Vision Tests / Perimetry test (visual field testing) for glaucoma

► Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia: Meridian (perimetry, visual field) 

► Wills Eye Hospital, Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness: Understanding Visual Field Testing


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