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Rods (Retina) 
2 Anatomy - Sense Organs / Eyes / 2 Retina / 2 Photoreceptors /
 Photoreceptors, Vertebrate / 2 Rods (Retina)
2 Rods (Retina)
  Rod Outer Segments
MeSH description: One of the two photoreceptor cell types of the vertebrate retina. In rods the photopigment is in stacks of membranous disks separate from the outer cell membrane. Rods are more sensitive to light than cones, but rod mediated vision has less spatial and temporal resolution than cone vision.
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  ► Retina - OnLine Journal: Retina 

► Investigative Opthathalmology and Visual Science: IOVS - Retina Official journal of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

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